About the Club

Bowhunters of Rockingham, BOR for short, is dedicated to the sport of bowhunting and archery of all kinds. The club is located on ~100 acres of wooded land on the western slope of Massanutten Peak in Keezletown, Virginia. We hold monthly open to the public outdoor 3-D shoots and Field/Hunter shoots from March to September. We host Indoor 3D, NFAA and Vegas shoots in the winter months. Check the schedule to join us for our next one.

One our our favorite activities are leagues. We have winter indoor leagues to keep everyone sharp year round and an outdoor field league in the summer. 


The Facilities

The club house has a 18 lane indoor range, bathrooms, and a kitchen that is open during our shoots. We have outdoor practice targets ranging from 10 yds. to 65 yds. We also have a broadhead range to help everyone get ready for the season. There are 3, 14 target field ranges that are available for use anytime by members except during tournaments. We set up a variety of 3-D courses during the year in the natural setting the club provides. The property is also open to members for bowhunting only during legal archery hunting seasons.

Picture of indor Shooting Range


History TIMELINE for Bowhunters Of Rockingham, Keezletown, VA

1955 – Bowhunters Of Rockingham Organized as a VBA club.

First minutes dated 5/13 indicates 18 members. Membership had increased to 51 members by the end of the first year.

Treasures report for 1955 indicates total expenses for the year of $152.52, primarily for Straw bales, targets, and VBA dues.

The club built three ranges on property owned by Massanutten Caverns and used the caverns lodge as a meeting place and tournament site.


1957 – Started Archery booth at Rockingham County Fair to recruit members, raise money

1958 – Hosted VBA State Archery Tournament, 358 shooters on three 28 target ranges

The VBA Tournament was hosted at the Massanutten Caverns Lodge; the July issue of Flight reported there was a “record crowd” for the tournament. Archers shot a Field round, a Hunter round, and a Broadhead round. 

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 1959 – Bought 90 acres at current location, drilled well, retained one 28 target range

The BOR had been awarded the VBA State Tournament for 1959 but in February the owners of Massanutten Caverns informed the club of a drastic increase in rental for the Lodge and property where the additional ranges were located.  The rental cost was prohibitive and there was not time or space to build the required four 28 target ranges for the State shoot on club property that year so the State tournament was moved to Augusta Archers.

Club minutes indicate that BOR would pay the Reverend $10 for services at VBA State Shoot. Club would also present Dusty Shaver with a 5th of whiskey for serving as MC at State Shoot, at the next club meeting this was changed to a “good box of cigars” because it was suggested that Mr. Shaver would not appreciate a 5th of whiskey.

President informed club members that all arrows used at VBA sanctioned shoots needed to be crested in accordance with VBA regulations. BOR crest to be black band on white background.  (I understand this was to aid in returning the significant number of lost arrows to the club of their owners.  Shooters could sort them out from there.)

(picture of surviving example of Bowhunters of Rockingham Crest)

1972 – First BOR Indoor shoots were held at Keezletown Elementary School

Excelsior bales were set up at the front of the stage in the auditorium/gym.  A large nylon curtain was suspended behind the bales to stop all missed arrows.  Equipment and materials were supplied by Madison College and the Rockingham County Recreation Dept. “Very successful” shoots were held every Wednesday evening.

A challenge invitation was given by the Madison College archery team to hold a shoot at the college.  A “Tri-shoot” was held on February 16 with four shooters each from Madison College, Augusta Archers, and Bowhunters Of Rockingham.  The BOR won this inaugural event.  No further challenge was ever extended.

1975 – Indoor shoots moved to the Outdoorsman Archery and Gun Shop on Mt. Clinton Pike near Harrisonburg.

The Outdoorsman rented their space in an old chicken house for use by the club.  The club organized the shoots.  The ceiling was too low for most of our long bows or recurves so we dug a trench along the shooting line for the width of the building.  We would stand down in the trench to shoot and avoid hitting the ceiling with the tips of our bows.

1976 – Bought and remodeled used Mobile Home to use for Clubhouse and meetings

1977 – All property Bonds paid off, BOR Debt Free!

1979 – Held first Annual Awards Banquet

1980 – Moved Indoor shoots to Old Shoe Factory on Patterson Ave. in Harrisonburg

This was the most satisfactory site yet for Indoor Shoots.  Indoor shooting really caught on, BOR gained many new members, and interest built to have our own Indoor Range on club property.

1984 – Built 40’ X 100’ Metal Building for Indoor Range & Club House

Bonds were issued to club members to finance the building.

Club members built a large wood furnace to provide heat.  Dead wood on club property is cut each year to heat the range.

At first we had an all gravel floor.  After several years when funds were available we poured cement for the half the range, including the shooting line and after several more years we were able to add cement for the remainder of the building.  All building bonds were paid off from proceeds of Indoor shoots and Indoor leagues.  We added a kitchen and in 1999 installed indoor bathrooms.

1984 – Southern Bowhunter Awards started

1989 – Hosted VBA State Tournament, added second 28 target range

1990 – Hosted VBA State Tournament

1991 – Hosted VBA State Tournament

1991 - We also held our first 3D shoots. Terry Dorman intoduced the idea of hosting 3-D shoots. He convinced the club to purchase a set of 3-D animal targets, and headed up our 3D tournaments for many years.

Hosting 3-D shoots provided the next big boost in membership for the club and did more to provide financial stability than the BOR had ever had to date.  We often had more than 100 shooters per shoot and members of all ages and shooting styles participated in 3-D shoots and other club events.

2015 - Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament

2016 – Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament & VBA 3-D Spring Classic

2017 – Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament & VBA 3-D Spring Classic

2018 - Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament

2019 - Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament

Purchased 11 acres of land between club property and the adjoining Massanutten Caverns, clearing up boundary line and right-of-way issues. We also purchased one acre of land around the spring high up in the middle of our property which had been retained for water supply by the Caverns when the club land was originally purchased in 1959.  We now have clear title and boundary lines to just over 100 acres of club property.

2020 – Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament Then Due to Covid-19 restrictions Hosted rescheduled and combined VBA 3-D Spring Classic and VBA State Open Field shoot on the same weekend in July.

2022 – Hosted VBA Sectional Indoor State Tournament  VBA 3-D Spring Classic.