Club Shoots
Our club's core activity is holding archery tournaments each month which are always open to the public. The shoots are held from March to September ending with our weekend long Bowhunters Jamboree. Each month we hold a 3-D tournament set up in various locations on our club property. Targets are set in natural settings with animals ranging from squirrels to Elk.

During our Bowhunters Jamboree an additional fun course is set up providing a variety of interesting shots. From long range to sitting, they will definitely let you know if you are ready for hunting season.

We also hold an annual Field Archery tournament, typically in August, at the same time as our monthly 3-D shoot. We follow VBA field archery rules and classes for this shoot. A field round consists of shooting 4 arrows at 28 paper targets on a walkthrough course. Targets range in distance from 20 feet to 80 yards. Each target scores 5, 4, 3 with a possible score of 5 points X 4 arrows X 28 targets = 560 points. Field archery is a long standing tradition for BOR and was the main form of archery shot when most of the bowhunting clubs were founded around Virginia.

Most of all our tournaments are meant to be a lot of fun for everyone. Families, friends and hunting buddies all turn out to enjoy going through the course. A lot of folks just come along for the walk through the woods. When you get back you can always stop by the kitchen for good food and a few good hunting stories to top off the day. If you’re into competition there are always good shooters to try your luck against. For most of us we are just trying to do better than the last time and making sure we have a lot of fun doing it. Click on the schedule link to find out when our next shoot will be and come out and join us for the fun.


Bowhunters Jamboree

The Annual Bowhunters Jamboree is the biggest event of the year, besides hunting season. It is a full weekend blow out to end our 3D season and a great chance for everyone to get in some last minute practice before the deer season starts. We’ve held the Jamboree each September for more than 30 years and each year it gets a little bit bigger so come and join the fun.

We set up a normal 3D course along with an additional fun course that you should not miss. There are novelty shoots running all weekend. A coon shoot on Saturday night, beware the eliminator at the end. And fast becoming one of our favorites is the big water jug shoot-off on Sunday afternoon before the awards ceremony. Then stick around for the awards ceremony, each score card you shoot gives you another chance in the drawing for a great list of door prizes. You must be present to win the door prizes.

Camping is welcome to everyone Saturday night while space permits.

For members the Jamboree gets started a little bit earlier. Many folks set up camp on Thursday and don’t leave until it’s done. Friday night is a mostly member only camping night. We circle up the wagons, G. W. fires up his stew pot, everyone starts cooking and the party gets started. Sleeping is optional but eating and having a good time is not.

Saturday night the members gather for our game dinner at the club house. This is a great time to bring the whole family out for a true hunters feast. There is always more than enough fresh venison, pork, hot dogs for the kids, and any other game that made it to the grill. Warning, this is not the place for vegetarians. Everyone also brings a covered dish or two and there is never a shortage of great food and fellowship.